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Mode of Transport

Mode of Transport

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Mode of transport or means of transport or  transport mode or transport modality or form of transport is a term used to distinguish substantially different ways to perform transport.  All modes are suitable for transporting goods, and most are suitable for transporting people. Different mode of transport are: Air Transport Rail Transport Road Transport Water Transport Other Transport MODE OF TRANSPORT

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AIR TRANSPORT An aircraft is any machine capable of atmospheric flight. Aircraft fall into two broad categories: Heavier than air is called aerodynes, including autogyros, helicopters and variants, and conventional fixed-wing aircraft: aeroplanes or airplanes. In heavier-than-air aircraft, we can discern two major ways to produce the lift: aerodynamic lift and engine lift. In the case of aerodynamic lift, the aircraft is kept in the air because of aerodynamics, usually by means of wings of some kind. With engine lift, the aircraft defeats gravity by sheer engine power. Examples of engine lift aircraft are rockets, and so-called VTOL planes, such as the Hawker Harrier. Aerodynamically lifted aircraft, the largest number falls in the category of fixed wing aircraft, A second large category of aerodynamically lifted aircraft are the rotary wing aircraft. Here, the lift is provided by rotating rotors. The best known examples of this category are the helicopter, the earlier autogyro, and the tilt rotor aircraft. Lighter than air is called aerostats: air balloons and airships.  Example of AIR TRANSPORT are : Aircraft (Airplane) Autogyro Balloon Blimp (Airship) Helicopter Parachute (downward air transport only)

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Aircraft (Airplane)

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Blimp (Airship)

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Rail transport is where a train runs along a set of two parallel steel rails, known as a railway or railroad. A railroad or railway is similar to a road, but specially built for transport(both passengers and freight) The distance between the two rails is known as the gauge. Rail transport are: High speed rail Maglev Metro (underground, subway) Monorail Mountain railway Cable car or Funicular Cog railway People mover Train Tram, light rail (streetcar, trolley) RAIL TRANSPORT American English - railroad Commonwealth English - railway Dutch - spoorweg (track road) Finnish - rautatie (iron road) French - chemin de fer (way of iron) German - die Eisenbahn (iron road) Italian - ferrovia (iron way) Japanese - tetsudou (iron way) Spanish - ferrocarril (iron road) Swedish - järn sätt (iron way)

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High speed rail

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Metro (underground, subway)

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Mountain railway

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People mover

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Water transport is the process of transport a watercraft, such as a barge, boat, ship or sailboat, makes over a body of water, such as a sea, ocean, lake, canal or river. Water transport are: Barge Boat Jet boat Lifeboat Punt Wherry Ferry Hydrofoil Sailing Yacht Ship Shipping Tanker WATER TRANSPORT

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Boat - Jet boat

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Boat- Lifeboat

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Boat- Punt

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Boat- Wherry

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Sailing Yacht

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ROAD TRANSPORT A road is an identifiable route, way or path between two or more places. Rail transport Automobile or Car Bus Electric trolleybus Minivan Motorcycle Truck Van

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Automobile or Car

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Electric trolley Bus

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Motor cycle Scooter

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OTHER TRANSPORT Pipeline transport sends goods through a pipe, most commonly liquid and gases are sent, but pneumatic can also send solid capsules using compressed air. Cable transport is a broad mode where vehicles are pulled by cables instead of an internal power source.

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Cable Transport

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Cable Transport - Elevator

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Pipeline Transport

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Space transport Interplanetary travel Propulsion method Rocket Space shuttle Space station Spacecraft, Spacecraft propulsion Planetary transport For use on the Moon and other planets Lunar rover (manned and unmanned) Mars Exploration Rover Mission (unmanned) Nomad rover (unmanned test vehicle) Sojourner (unmanned, Mars)

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Space station

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Space shuttle

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Lunar Rover

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Mars Exploration Rover Mission

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Nomad rover

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