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When did dinosaurs live? It is through that the first dinosaurs lived around 230 million years ago. They roamed the Earth for the next 165 million years, before becoming extinct about 65 millions years ago. Humans haven’t been around for 2millions years yet!

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Where did the dinosaurs live? Dinosaurs lived all over the world. At that time ,the weather was much hotter than it is today. There were plants such as ferns, mosses and large evergreen trees.

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Many dinosaurs ate plants. Plateosaurus grew up to 8 metres (or meter) long. It grabbed branches with the hooks on its thumbs and nibbled at the tastiest leaves.

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Riojasaurus was a gaint dinosaur that measured 10 metres from head to tail. Big dino could fight off enemies like Rutiodon a big crocodile that lived at that time.

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Dinosaur teeth were different sizes. Meat eaters like Tyrannosaurus Rex needed large , sharp and pointed teeth ,each tooth measured up to 15 centimeters for tearing flesh. It was the scariest dinosaurs. Baryonyx had small ,pointed , cone shaped teeth, they were good at grabbing slippery food like Fish. Did all dinos have teeth ? – No, not all dinos needed teeth. Ornithomimus had a beak-shaped mouth without teeth. The bird like dinosaur probably pecked at seeds, worms and bugs. Scientists look at dinosaur teeth and can work out about the type of food the dinosaur ate .

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The biggest dinosaurs , called Sauropods were enormous . Each one weigh as much as ten elephants. Brachiosaurus was one of the largest dinosaurs that ever lived and was 25 metres long. It was twice as tall as giraffe. The biggest dinosaurs ever discovered is Argentinosaurus . It had huge body but a small head and brain. It was about 40 metres from head to tail

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Some dinosaurs could run very fast upto 80 kilometers per hour . Ornithomimus could run fast because it had slim body ,thin legs, long and hollow bones. Large dinos were often slower because of their heavy bodies but Muttaburrasaurus was a big dino that may run fast.

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Dinosaurs needed to protect themselves from enemies . Some dinosaurs had great pieces of bone over their bodies. It protected their soft bodies underneath. Euoplocephalus had a tail that was strengthened with lumps of bone, it could hit attacker and used to protect themselves. Triceratops was a plant eater and it used it three horns to frighten away attackers.

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Dinosaurs Babies Dinosaurs laid eggs, just like birds , lizards do today. Protoceratops was a small dinosaur, the size of a pig. It lived in the desert. The female made a bowl-shaped nest in warm sand and laid her eggs inside it. Some dinos did look after their babies Maiasaura collected food for its newly hatched young and fed it to them.

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Some Dinosaurs lived alone , but many lived in groups, or herds. Velociraptor was a fast runner and meat eater lived in packs. It is believed that some dinosaurs have feathers, large eyes ,beaks as they have changed [evolved ] over time and became the very first birds on Earth . They even laid eggs and ate insects.

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About 65 million years ago the dinosaurs suddenly died / became extinct. May be volcanoes erupted , spitting out enormous clouds of ash and poisonous gas. May be a large lump of rock from space smashed into the Earth. These things can change the weather , so perhaps the dinos died because it got too cold for them.

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How do scientists find dinosaur fossils? Scientists look in places where layers of rock and soil have been removed by wind or water. The remains of animals and plants that lived long ago are called fossils. These remains are bones, teeth, eggs and footprints that have turned to rock over millions of years. New dinosaurs such as Jobaria and Janenschia have been found in Africa. Could Dinos ever come back to life? Its unlikely that dnos will ever walk the Earth again. However scientists are still finding uncover facts .

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